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10. Our volunteers

We are a club run by volunteers, we're lucky to have well over 20 people who give their time to the club and contribute in so many ways off the field - big and small. As you'll see, you can give as much or as little time as you can spare. If you'd like to get involved take a look at this information

Nigel Wakefield
Club President Nigel is a former Chairman and is the glue that holds the club together. dedicated to the Club for years, he can almost always be found around ground and is a vital part of the the clean up and maintenance crew. He also holds the role of Volunteer Co-ordinator, making sure we make the best of the amazing people who help this club progress.

Andrew Painten - Find out more about Andrew
Andrew is the Chairman and Communications Director for the club. It’s the chairman’s job to be across everything and is everyone's first port of call with any question or complaint! Andrew is the public face of the club - or at least the non-playing side, dealing with media enquiries and making sure our name gets out there on social media, local press and nationally too. Alongside everything else, he looks after merchandise/club shop and manages the IT!

Dan Brownhill
Dan serves in the key role of Finance Director and Club Treasurer, for which he is well qualified as he's an Accountant in his day job. He is also our first team match day secretary - completing pre- and post-match paperwork to league requirements. After home matches Dan cashes up the takings and pays the match officials. Dan also serves as our match day announcer.

Andrew Wray
As Honorary Vice-President, Andrew is a club committee member and is part of the post-match day clean up and maintenance crew. On occasion, Andrew also assists on match days behind the bar.

Joanna Gray
Joanna is the Club Secretary. The most demanding and thankless task at any club, she looks after the football admin side of the Club. In addition Jo is one of our team of kit-washers and is even seen serving behind the bar when required. Jo also serves as the club’s representative and trustee on the main Welfare Ground trust - the body that operates the entire complex of behalf of owner CISWO.

Tony Worthington
Commercial Director Tony develops and maintains our relationship with the many sponsors and advertisers that put money into the club. As well as looking for deals to save the club money. He's also very handy, helping out with ground development and maintenance whenever he can.

Marcus Pound
Long time Groundsman, Marcus is the Vice-Chairman and is a Football Club Development Officer along with John Pickup. In this forward thinking role they work to bring the Club's long-term ambitions to fruition. John and Marcus also act as the link between football management and committee.

John Pickup
John works alongside Marcus in the role of Football Club Development Officer. His great knowledge of football in the area and his contacts in the game make him an invaluable member of the team.

Richard Oates
Richard completes the trio of committee members focusing on club development. His focus is on the ground as the Stadium Development Director. His work is already bearing fruit around the Fantastic Media Welfare Ground as the Club aims to meet the standards of higher level football.

Ian Mason
Club committee member Ian assists both the Communications Director (Andrew) and Club Secretary (Jo). He updates our excellent club website day-to-day and works with the Media Team on our social media feeds. Despite living in Cheshire, he also helps with maintenance around the ground - especially in summer with brother John.

Ian Steele
Ian has been around the club forever, maintaining club records and as Treasurer up until 2020 when he was made an Honorary Life Member. He will also be found chasing after stray footballs on match days and generally helping out wherever he is needed.

Krissi Simmons
Digital Content and Marketing Manager. Krissi contributes her wealth of experience to help us improve our online presence and boost our sponsorship through marketing the Club effectively.

Mark Parsons
A former member of the club’s committee, Mark is our club photographer - capturing images from as many games as possible for the club’s own communications and to get us and our sponsors coverage in the press and other websites etc. Mark also co-ordinates any junior training sessions we hold throughout the season.

Ashley Booth
Our Under 23 team secretary looks after all the football admin connected to our academy side. He will also help out on match days and around the club when jobs such as erecting the fence when it needs doing.

Barrie Pettinger - Find out more about Barrie
Barrie is a firm favourite with everyone at the club and helps with everything and anything he can - stocking up the bar and tea hut, kit washing, organising raffle prizes, opening up the ground on match days - the list goes on and on. He’s really the leader of the clean up crew (although don’t tell Nigel!)

Christine Pettinger
Christine has the unenviable task of making sure everyone visiting Emley gets properly fed - with help from Jayne, Karen and Val in the Dugout Diner plus Trudy with players food. Her home-cooking is legendary and has helped put Emley back on the map with supporters, opposition fans and groundhoppers alike. She also helps Barrie with his endless list of jobs.

Andrew Wood - Find out more about Andrew
Andrew helps the club on match days - often on the gate. He also starts the post-match clear up around the stands after each game.

Karen Wood
The second of the Dugout Diner’s motley crew, Karen helps Christine on most match days.

Val Liddiard
Completing the Dugout Diner line-up is Val - who also serves as a trustee and treasurer of the wider Welfare ground complex.

Sue Holden
Our regular bar person is Sue, holding the fort behind the Sports Bar for most games. She also has the extra task of folding all those raffle tickets ready for the half-time draw.

John Mason
'Mase' is Mr Emley - a village resident, Emley through and through and a Honorary Life Member. He was the Club's Physio (First Aider) for 13 years before taking a step back due to work commitments, though he still takes on the role when needed. His role now is as Kit Manager, and, living closer to the ground, is on hand for the occasional emergency.

Trudy Mason
Trudy looks after the post-match food for players and officials. She also helps husband John with kit duties.

Martin Eastwood - Find out more about Martin
Martin is a contributor to our website and programme with match previews and reports on games. Additionally he uses his writing skills to contribute material to the club programme.

Libby Boothroyd
Libby manages our online club shop and occasionally helps out with the Media Team by videoing some of our home games for training purposes.

Mark Auty
Mark is a member of the Media Team and focuses on the Facebook feed, posting articles and responding to messages.

Andrew Whittaker
Andrew is the Media Team's Twitter editor. He will take responsibility for Twitter updates and promotions.

Elizabeth Adamson
Elizabeth is another member of the Media Team and takes responsibility for posting on Instagram.

Andy Wells
Andy is our Programme Editor. He brings together and produces all the information needed to make our excellent match day programme.

Richard Poulain
Richard has been around the Club since the heady days of the 97/98 FA Cup run and the West Ham game. He was Club Secretary in those days and has recently become involved again in the role as match day announcer for which he has a natural flair. You will hear his London twang at most home games.

Chris Mason
Chris keeps the season statistics up to date on the website, maintaining records back to the 'new' Club's creation in 2005.

Roy Shirley
Roy is a veteran of the old Emley AFC where he served as Chairman for 8 years. At the new club, he joins Nigel, Barrie, John and Andrew on the clean up crew.

John Hodgson
Long-standing supporter John joins the post-match clean up and maintenance crew.